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Wedding Planning Timeline

Are you planning you wedding and don't know where to start?

Below we have created a timeline to help you along your planning journey.

1. Determine your budget

2. Write a Guest List

3. Hire a wedding planner

4. Choose your date and venue.

5. Choose a Photographer and Videographer that suits your style and budget

6. Book your wedding and confirm essential suppliers

7. Sending out your ‘Save the Date’

8. Choose your Theme or Style for your day

9. Choose your dress

10.Choosing your Wedding Rings

11. Send out Invitations/RSVP’s

12. Choosing your Flowers

13. Choosing your Cake

14. Transport

15. Choose any extras

16. Confirming Final Numbers

17. Tips for the day of your Wedding

Determine your Budget

Setting your budget is the first step when planning your wedding as this gives you a guideline for your day and this is what you will work with to help cut back if needed. You may surprise yourself and plan under what you set to spend. If planning to get married abroad remember to include your holiday in your budget or make a separate budget for the planning of your holiday to your wedding destination.

As plans and numbers change constantly it can be good to keep a note of each cost detailed in a spreadsheet or notebook so that you can keep track and keep within your budget.

If having a wedding abroad as your will find when making your guest list some family or friends may not be able to travel therefore you may want to have a party when you return home. When planning your budget, it is important to accommodate for this also.

Make sure to take into account whether you will be buying bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen suits etc also or whether this is a cost that will fall upon your bridal party.

Write a Guest List

This is a very important step in your planning process as this could help to determine venues, meals and drinks packages required for your day.

Your budget can also help when looking at your guest list as prices per head may help you to realise if you need to cut back on numbers or if you can invite everyone you plan to.

If thinking of planning a wedding abroad it can be important to think of those who may struggle to travel or may not have the means to travel far with their family. This may mean you do your wedding abroad as planned but have a party at home to accommodate for those who cannot be there on the day.

Hiring a Wedding Planner

This step allows you to sit back and relax into the planning process knowing there is always someone there to help and guide throughout your planning journey. A planner will be your first port of call with ideas, suggestions and inspiration for your day. They can help you to choose a venue and all your suppliers needed.

When searching for a planner make sure to get all the information up front. Many planners will give packages stating everything is included but this is not always the case when it comes to booking and you may find hidden extras, always ensure you have all the information up front before booking.

A bespoke wedding planner can create a quotation specific for you, tailoring to your vision and only paying for exactly what you require. This often sounds more scary or expensive than in reality. Tailor making your wedding means you could actually save money as you’re not paying for anything that doesn’t meet your needs or additional guests that quoted in a package as packages are less flexible.

A bespoke quotation should include a breakdown of costs for everything you require, this helps to work with your budget, we always recommend adding everything you would like and then you and add, amend or remove anything you wish to come within your budget. We often find couples are surprised at how easy it is to work this way and the savings it brings.

You make all the decisions.

Choosing your Date and Venue

Are you looking to get married somewhere close to home and already know your dream venue, or looking to go abroad and searching for the perfect destination? Either way this is the next step to planning your perfect wedding.

When looking at a destination wedding bear in mind the weather especially with outside only venues. Will it be too hot? Likely to rain? The weather cannot be controlled but there are often factors to consider, here in Cyprus August is extremely hot, make sure there is shade cover for guests and remember the sun cream!

Things to also check prior to booking is what suppliers can enter the premises of your wedding venue. We recommend using your wedding planners recommended suppliers, they will have worked with them time and time again, know them well, their work ethics and ensure their entire team are all focused on you and your perfect day.

It is also important to check if your chosen venue has a minimum number of guests to pay for.

Choosing your Photographer and Videographer

Choose the right photographer/videographer for you, styles and packages vary, make sure to research their portfolio. Are you looking for standard photos or something more candid with a relaxed feel.

Our top tip when choosing a photographer is to choose a professional not a family member or friend, this can take them away from being a guest on your special day and see everything through the lens and end up missing out on the fun.

Booking your Wedding

Once you have found your dream location and have decided on a date it’s time to everything get booked. Your destination wedding planner will check availability with your venue and suppliers to get your ideal date reserved.

It’s advisable to note that many venues and suppliers only book one wedding per day. Booking early can help to avoid disappointment at a later date. We suggest some of the first suppliers to book would be your wedding planner, venue, photographer and videographer, décor to style your wedding venue and your band or DJ.

Sending out Save the Dates

Once you have booked your wedding date you can send out your ‘Save the Date’ get your guests to confirm they’re coming so you have an idea of numbers to cater for. When planning abroad this can family and friends time to book their holiday ready for your special day.

Choosing a Theme or Style for your day

This is one of the most exciting parts are you creative? Bringing together a mood board of your ideas and inspiration can be a great way to pull together your ideas.

Make sure when choosing decorations and booking larger items like your wedding arch for your ceremony or one off bespoke piece’s that you book these early in your planning stage.

This can also be a great time to help you choose the colour scheme for your bridesmaid dresses and the groomsmen suits or ties.

Choosing your Dress

It is never too early to start dreaming of your perfect wedding dress and at any stage of your planning process you can shop for your dress. Just keep in mind that your dress may need alterations nearer to the time of your wedding. As we all know no one stays the same body shape forever and if you shop for your dress too early you may find bigger alterations needing to be made for your dress.

This is also a good time to be looking at your bridesmaid dresses whether you are buying these in a store or online it is a good time to research the colours and styles that coordinate beautifully with the style of your day.

Don’t forget to book your dress steaming in advance when marrying abroad, it will have been packed in your case and creases don’t always come out when hung on arrival.

Choosing your Wedding Rings

This can be a lovely experience for both you and your husband or wife to be. Whether you choose similar rings or something completely different you can research this together and bring your styles and personalities into something you will both be wearing for the rest of your lives together.

Couples often choose to engrave something special inside the ring, a message, quote or just your names and date are all special to you and your wedding day making your commitment to each other.

Sending out Invitations/RSVP’s

The style chosen for your invitations is the first glimpse of your wedding day for all of your guests to get the feel of what to expect on your special day.

You will need to give time for these to be printed and delivered with enough time for RSVP’s to be returned. We suggest that you send these as soon as possible and ask for your RSVP’s to be returned by a deadline usually up to a maximum of three months before your wedding date.

This gives you time to confirm your final numbers, where guests have booked and numbers at each location so you can finalise any transport requirements.

Choosing your Flowers

As you will already have your theme in mind it’s great to check out bridal bouquets online to help you choose the style and flowers for your bouquet. Your flowers should include your favourite flowers and scent, something special and meaningful to you or something completely different that you have seen and love and would like to remind you of your special day.

Make sure when choosing flowers to find out what flowers are in season at the time of your wedding. Some may need to be ordered specially so you will need to book these at least a couple of months before your wedding to ensure they are available for your wedding day.

If you are also ordering fresh flowers designs for centrepieces and decoration it is best to do this as soon as possible as to make sure they will be available for your day.

Choosing a Cake

A cake is not a must for many people nowadays but for all those cake lovers it’s the perfect opportunity to get your taste buds tingling with so many choices of flavours and buttercreams to choose from the list is very long.

When creating your mood board it’s an ideal opportunity to think of the design for your take to tie everything together.

If it’s possible we highly recommend booking a cake tasting, it’s the perfect opportunity to discover your favourite flavours and what tastes work well together.


If you are a car lover and wish to arrive in style check availability and get your wedding car booked in as the supplier may have a small fleet of speciality vehicles.

For general transport like buses, coaches, and mini-buses it may be possible to book these closer to the date of your wedding when you know final numbers, however if you have a large number of guests the same applies for coaches that the supplier may have a limited fleet.

It’s a good idea to confirm the transport you would like to reserve on your date and coordinate for your ceremony time and arrange to confirm final numbers closer to the date with your exact requirements.

Choosing any extras

Is there anything else you would like, from ice cream cart, musicians, photobooth, giant games? There is so much to choose from, ensure you discuss all your ideas with your wedding planner who can guide and inspire you

Confirming Final Numbers

Around six to eight weeks before your wedding day it is time to start finalising your numbers and paying final balances with your venue and suppliers. Everyone will vary, so check when booking what the timeline is for your wedding booking.

Once your final numbers are all confirmed you can then confirm with your decoration company too as this will affect number of chairs and décor specific to your wedding party.

Tips for the day of your Wedding

Make sure to eat something, don’t skip breakfast

Give yourself plenty of time to get ready, it’s not good to be fashionably late!

Drink plenty water, especially if the bubbles are flowing.

Get everything out ready before your photographer and videographer arrives, for example your dress, jewellery, perfume, aftershave, shoes and gifts for the wedding party

Ensure the space where you’re getting ready is clean and tidy as you won’t want mess in the background of your photos

Breath, relax and take in every special moment.

If you would like more information on our services and what we have to offer please contact us and click on this link to arrange a FREE Consultation


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