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Wedding Jewellery

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Wedding Jewellery

You’ve said ‘YES’ to the Dress, now it’s time to start accessorising and choosing those special pieces to match for your wedding day. Whether it’s a sentimental piece you have dreamed your whole life of wearing or looking forward to shopping at your favourite stores to buy a brand new set of jewellery just for your special day, it will need to be something that fits perfectly with your dress and suits your style.

Have you chosen a perfectly simple and elegant dress for yourself so you can have extravagant jewellery as a masterpiece or keeping it simple and elegant?

Ensure you keep your style, whether it be glitzy, glam, sparkly, simple or elegant.

If you don’t normally wear jewellery this may be an area you would like to keep simple and not have a statement piece. Instead choose pieces you feel comfortable wearing and have something formal yet still simple and elegant like you.

Bring in sentimental pieces early on in your choices.

Maybe there’s a special heirloom in the family or piece of your mother or grandmother’s favourite jewellery you would like to wear to keep them close by your side or purely because you love it and it’s special to you.

Combining new with old, let’s state the obvious, take your special piece with you and a photo of your dress if you don’t want to carry it round with you, bringing everything altogether is really important to bring your style vision to life.

Top Tip - If it fits move your engagement ring to the other hand. If like me you never take your ring off it can feel uncomfortable to be without it so this gives you the opportunity to keep the ring on and this will still be part of your wedding jewellery for the big day.

Matching your necklace to your neckline

When shopping for a necklace make sure to keep in mind the style of your dress, your necklace should always sit on your skin, not your dress. If a dress is a V-neck or halter a pendant may work best whereas if you have a sweetheart strapless neckline a choker or statement necklace could work best.

Switching up throughout your day

Do you have a statement Veil that means you will be having very simple to no jewellery?

Why not take off your veil for your evening reception and swap for your statement piece of jewellery.

Many brides feel they need a second dress for their wedding reception, but this is not always the case or even possible within a smaller budget therefore a statement piece of jewellery can make your outfit feel completely different without breaking the bank.

There is lots of wedding jewellery inspiration online including Instagram and Pinterest, but also check out your local jewellers or others online that create affordable luxury in their style and design to find a unique piece just for you.

And don't forget the groom to be...


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