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Wedding Guest List

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Who do you have to invite to your wedding?

The simple answer to this question is that you do not have to invite anyone. Remember this is your special day to celebrate yourself and your partner coming to together to become husband and wife. The day is all about you and not your guests therefore you should only have people there that you feel absolutely comfortable with and want to share your special day with.

Whether this means having a large lavish affair with everyone you know, a small and intimate wedding with your nearest and dearest or eloping. This is completely up to you and your partner.

Creating your guest list is best to write up early in your planning process as this will help you to determine the perfect venue for you and your guests along with helping to determine your wedding budget. For some couples this is an easy process and takes no thought at all, but for some there is pressure to invite those you may not have originally thought of.

Of course, when choosing who you will invite it is best to make a list of everyone you would like to have with you when you say ‘I do’, don’t forget to consider children, would you like them at your wedding?

When starting your list think of all the people you cannot imagine marrying without. These are who should be at the top of your list and will stay this way throughout the process. Imagine you are running away right now to get married. Who would you take with you?

Next on your list should be all those people who maybe don’t jump to mind at first but as you sit and write your list you would love them to be there for your special day. Think about why you want specific guests to attend. Why are they on your list? Do you dream of them being there to watch you become husband and wife or are you inviting them because you feel a duty to have them there?

Once you have worked out your main guest list you you can begin to think of any extra people you may want to invite or if to fit within your budget you may need to cut back. When choosing this area of your list you will need to start thinking of how big or small you would like your wedding to be. This can determine whether you carry on writing your list or whether the list stops here.

For all those single guests out there will you be allowing your guests to bring a plus one? Are you okay with paying for extra guests of people you may not know? If your single guests don’t know anyone at your wedding other than you both then it’s a nice idea to let them have a plus one so they’re not feeling uncomfortable.

Will you be inviting children to your wedding or only allowing close family and friends children that you know well or would like flower girls or page boys?

These are all questions to think about and consider when making your list as this can increase your list and costs. Your wedding day is all about both of you and your commitment to each other.

You may not be inviting everyone you know and that is totally normal and okay. You do not have to feel obliged to invite those you don’t know well or maybe haven’t spoken to in a long time.

No matter how many you are considering inviting there is always a cut-off point and the time will come when you need to notify your wedding planner and suppliers to confirm final numbers.

Whether considering marrying abroad or in your home country only invite those you cannot imagine getting married without.


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