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Maid of Honour Role

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A Maid of Honour is the main support for the bride during the whole wedding process. It is usually an easy choice when choosing your maid of honour as this is the person you are closest with. Whether this is a family member or your dearest friend, this is the person you will have by your side throughout your planning stages and on your special day.

Their role is to help with decisions about your day, give advice and be there for support. They could be with you for all the fun parts like shopping for your wedding dress, choosing favours and helping with any DIY projects you decide to create for your day.

The Maid of Honour will usually be in charge of your bridesmaids throughout the process and keep them organised on your wedding day. They will also be the one to lead the bridesmaids in the planning of the hen party. Coming up with fun ideas they know you will love to help you celebrate your upcoming big day.

Traditionally if a married woman is chosen, they are traditionally called the Matron of Honour.

Choosing someone you know will be able to help you stay calm throughout the process and on your wedding day can be a massive help so you aren’t feeling too stressed.

When choosing your Maid of Honour make sure to take into account their responsibilities and whether they will be able to meet these. It is often best to go with your gut instinct and choose someone you think will help you to make the whole process pressure free.

Can you choose a Man of Honour?

Of course. Your Man of Honour will be someone you rely on throughout your wedding process. You may want to consider how this will affect some traditions like your Hen Party as you may want to make the decision to make this include all genders or have your Man of Honour as the only male there.

In today’s modern world you can do whatever is best for you to ensure your wedding day is perfect.


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