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Choosing your Wedding Photographer

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Your photographer will capture all the special moments of your day, your wedding day storytellers that you can look back on forever more.

When searching for the perfect photographer for you look through their portfolios carefully to decide exactly what sort of style you are looking for. Maybe you’re looking for a natural and candid photographer to capture your moments without you even knowing, keeping a more relaxed vibe to your day. Or maybe you would like someone who can style a photo shoot to specific posed photos.

What to look for in a photographer

Creativity – Look for a photographer that stands out from the crowd. Our recommended photographers share a variety of styles and creative ways to capture your day with many treasured moments for you to reflect back on.

Attention to detail – When looking through a photographer’s portfolio do you see pictures of the small moments that you may not have thought about at your initial planning stage. A picture of something so small on the day you may not even realise you needed will capture your memory of that moment forever. Many photos will bring back the wonderful emotions you felt throughout your day.

Cyprus Wedding Photographer
George Charalambous Photography

Communication skills – The photography process can be a long one and if you and your guests aren’t in sync with your photographer this can make the process feel even longer. Look for someone who will keep up communication with you and your guests to keep photos rolling and will come up with different and unique ideas to ensure the process is fun and exciting.

Our top tip is to make sure to have a photographer to capture your day and not a family member or guest. Choosing a family member or guest to be your photographer means they then don’t get to be part of your day and see your day through the lens taking away precious moments from them.

Anyone can take a photo but it takes a true professional to take the perfect photos of those irreplaceable moments you and your partner share on your wedding day.

We suggest no matter what your budget for your wedding to make sure you choose a professional to take your photos even if you choose a small package that will capture only your ceremony and some group and couple photos of the two of you together.

For our recommended photographers please visit: Wedding Photography


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