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Bridal Party Alternatives

Bridal Party Cyprus
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Choosing Your Perfect Bridal Party?

As times are changing so are the traditions behind weddings. One big tradition that has changed over the years is the bridal party. Couples are becoming increasingly more creative with how they set the bridal parties and we think this has become something to admire. Instead of conforming to old rules and traditions couples will now make sure to have their closest friends or family by their side as they say ‘I do’.

Your bridal party should be those who you wish to be by your side with love and who you would like to be there to help and be involved in your wedding day.

Here are some new ideas couples have begun to use during their weddings:

Mixed Bridal Party

It has become increasingly popular with couples to bring a new description for their party including Best Woman, Groomsmaid, Groomswoman, Bridesman and Man of Honour.

Uneven Numbers

When planning your wedding party many couples feel that they have to have an even number of Groomsmen and Bridesmaids. This however is now changing because couples prefer their bridal parties to be their closest friends and family members rather than making up the numbers just because that’s the way it’s always been done.

Times are changing and we are pleased to say this is also reflected in couples weddings.

Only having a maid of honour or No official bridal party

Past traditions would have a larger bridal party but it has become increasingly popular to have your best friend or closest family as you Maid of Honour and not have anyone else in your bridal party.

This can give you a little breathing space to have only one person with you and not having the stress that can sometimes come with a larger bridal party.

As with many small wedding parties some couples opt to not have a wedding party included in their day at all.

This doesn’t mean nobody else is included in your wedding as you can still delegate small jobs to keep those close to you involved in the day.

Parents and Grandparents

There are no rules or age limits to who you can have by your side on your wedding day. Whether you would like your parents or grandparents to walk you down the aisle or simply be standing at the front of your ceremony as you walk the aisle.

There are no rules to conform to, you choose who is important to you and run with your vision of your perfect day.

Including Pets

When marrying abroad this clearly isn’t practical, but you could always arrange a photoshoot back home and make the most of getting dressed up again reliving part of your special day with your fury or not so furry friends.

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