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  • Nicki Simpson

7 Top Tips to Create Your Dream Wedding

1. Be yourself – think about you, your style and bring your personality to your wedding day. If you have a love or passion for anything in your life, other than your hubby or wife to be, then why not incorporate into your day as well. I’ve seen fabulous cake toppers where the bride is dragging her husband away from his games console! Lego characters for wedding favors. So, bring your personality into your wedding décor, the finishing touches that makes your wedding YOU.

2. This is your wedding day, husband and wife to be – not your friends or family! Think carefully about WHO you want to invite, make your list, agree together and stick to it. Not only do extra self-invited guests change the whole feel of your day but they also cost extra too. I see this all the time, so think positively about how to handle those extra guests and politely let them know this is your intimate wedding.

3. Decide on your venue, there are so many different options, take into account location, weather, transport requirements, décor, accessibility and price.

4. Choosing your bridesmaids, best man, ushers… These are the people who are special parts of your life and are honoured to be asked to have an important role in your special day. Choose those who will take care of you, look out for you on the day and make your day all about you – you are the limelight!

5. Entertainment – do you want to WOW your guests with musicians, bring fun and laughter into your evening, firework displays or simply sit back, chill and eat the cake? Once again there is so much to choose from – plan your evening to flow from your day, making it a special time for you to remember.

6. Capture your treasured moments with a top class photographer, not necessarily the most expensive, but someone who pays attention to detail and captures through their lense the memories of your day – do your research and check out their portfolio!

Above photos by Alexander Butchart.

7. Enlist a wedding planner/coordinator who cares – this is your day and you want everything to run smoothly, let the behind the scenes task stay behind the scenes so you can flow through your day with ease and grace confidently knowing that someone else is running around taking care of everything every step of the way for you.

Take a sip of bubbly, relax and happy planning.

Nicki xx

Intimate Weddings Cyprus

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